For Walt, family was always a sort of abstraction, a thing he truly believes he values above all else, but which he has sacrificed at every turn. Walt’s “family values” are all about Walt, not his actual family. In other words: his sense of family is about, and has always been about, Walt preserving his self-image.

And that, I think, is where Gilligan is really hitting the American Everyman. It’s not so much that anyone could be Walter White. But those who embrace a certain version of masculinity — one which makes men the “Protector,” to the exclusion of all other values — are particularly vulnerable. I suspect a lot of these people are the rabid Walt fans. And in a word: they are toxic, and horrifically so. Sure, they use the rhetoric of family togetherness and protection. But they aren’t about true caring. The Walter White protective vibe relies on inattention and neglect.

Michelle Dean, Walter White Didn’t Break— He Was Always Bad

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